Crumbs is part of The Nibble Network. Together, NibbleClassic and Crumbs enable deposits and investments, untraceable and anonymous messaging and a secure way to transfer funds.

Algo: CryptoNight Conceal
Ticker: XCR
Block time: 120 seconds

Block reward: 5-7

Max supply: 21,000,000


Crumbs-Desktop-GUI for Linux & Windows - Required for the complete experience

How to install and run

Crumbs Core CLI


Crumbs Desktop GUI


Deposit Crumbs for interest rewards

Send private messages directly from the GUI

Every Crumb counts!
Invest Crumbs for higher rewards then exchange them for Nibbles!
Ratio of XCR:NBXC 1:2
1. Open up your Crumbs wallet
2. Go to send funds
3. Copy the XCR Treasury address from this page & paste it into the send address in your wallet
4. Paste the NBXC address to deposit funds to, into the message bar in your wallet
5. Enter the amount of XCR you want exchanging & hit send
6. Complete the request by hitting the notify button on this page!
Treasury: XCRD9gRjfscJfNYmwufSzsKvvKDJySpDn8J4Pve4CPkM1DqmPDnP4neZCkTcpjWHaK2mzrHDdxRqFXYKR5MxqCDT317Xx49RpC