Modern Warfare 2v2
NBXC Tournaments

Next Tournament: February 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM GMT London timezone

Entry fee: FREE

Prize payout: 25K NBXC



Entry closes 24 hours prior to the tournament.

Enter the Activision IDs of both players (cross play enabled) - These will be displayed on the participants page.

You will need to add your opponents and invite them to a private match when the tournament begins.

Enter the NBXC public address from your wallet - This is where payout will be made to if you win the tournament (Not required to enter however if left blank you will not receive the winnings!)


1. Ensure you're is online promptly for the tournament start time - A 1 hour limit will be allowed for starting each match, a no-show will result in a loss.

2. Check the Tournament table to see who your opponents are (Final version will be available the morning of the tournament)

3. Invite your opponent to a private match

4. Set up the match under these conditions:

Mode: Gunfight 2v2

Map: Pine

Games rules: Default

5. Select a side for your team - Allegience/Coalition

6. Play the match

7. Both players to report their end result (win/loss) in the Tournament Results page for every match played

8. Check the Tournament table to see who your next opponent is (you may need to wait for the other platers to finish their matches before yours is available)

9. Winning player of the finals match will claim the prize (if they have entered a valid NBXC wallet address on entry)

Instruction for getting a wallet can be found here.

Want to spend your winnings? Check the store

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