For the full experience of Nibble, you will need the NibbleDesktop GUI.

You can download the latest version from the downloads page or by clicking the link below.

The link will take you to the Guthub page where you can download the software.

Select the file for your operating system, download & unpack.

Once you have everything installed, run the wallet application (NIBBLE-GUI)

Follow the on-screen instruction to create a wallet

Now you have a wallet, you need some Nibbles!

To be able to mine the coin you will need some mining software.

You can get our One Click Miner for a quick & easy setup, or for the more advanced user go for our recommended mining software.

Both links are below:

One Click Miner:


This will take you to the Github page.

scroll down to the assets and click the one suitable for your operating system.

Download and unpack the file to a location of your choice.

You most likely will get a warning from your security centre, just allow all and run anyway. This is normal for mining software.

Once unpacked, run the software (highlighted in blue below)

You will need to enter the details as it asks for them, continue reading for a guide on how to do this.

For now, we will use SuperBlockchain Pool to demonstrate how to set things up, but you can select any other pool by visiting the explorer page here on our website and then going to the pools section.

Go to the website for SuperBlockchain Pool here.

You will need some details from here in just a moment...

Lets go through the questions and what to enter:

Step 1. enter the letter Y then hit enter

Step 2. enter the following text and then hit enter:


Step 3. enter the following text and hit enter:

Step 4. enter your username - this is your wallet address that begins with XCR, just click on the address in your wallet to copy it and then you need to paste it here & hit enter.

Step 5. leave this blank, just hit enter

Step 6. type the letter N then hit enter

Step 7. you should now see the miner start working.

It will connect to the pool and you will see shares being accepted.

Step 8. once your balance has reached the minimum payout amount on the pool, it will be sent to your wallet

To check your balance at the pool along with other statistics, visit the pool you are mining at and go to the Worker Statistics section & enter your wallet address

If you would like any support or have any questions or comments please join us on Discord!

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